Our Services

  • Litigation Solutions

CobrATX’s litigation solutions include data collections, early case assessment and analytics, processing and data extraction, hosting, review, production, and deposition preparation while performing quality control throughout the entire process for corporate legal departments and law firms.

Our team is headed by a U.S. project manager who oversees the technical process of the EDRM, working directly with clients on all phases of the project from initiation and collections, best practices and defensibility through final deliverables, including total quality management and quality checks.

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Cobra’s talented IT specialists deliver high quality application development services to businesses looking for dextrous and efficient software solutions. Leveraging internal quality control processes, solid and scalable infrastructure, and proven technical expertise, Cobra’s dynamic team can develop, deploy and integrate applications for standard technology platforms.

Cobra helps businesses modernize their existing applications and legacy systems to enhance web capabilities, restore system vigor and flexibility, improve integration across the enterprise, and mitigate risk.

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Cobra’s standalone SaaS technology, CobraPulse®, allows clients full transparency as it delivers real time metrics as a centralized application for every resource on your team, including attorney level productivity.

Through CobraPulse®, clients can monitor legal spend on any device, anytime and anywhere with internet connectivity, allowing more strategically allocated human capital hours and more informed budget considerations. Even the smallest legal department can regularly review the performance of individual attorneys and vendors as a whole.

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Technology Solutions Crafted with Expertise &Trust

Developed to complement Cobra Legal Solutions’ world-class Document Review and M&A Due Diligence services, CobrATX spans the entire Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) to help corporate legal departments and law firms manage all of their eDiscovery and case management needs consistently and cost effectively